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Mature Dentition & Senior Care
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Dental needs can change from decade to decade. The needs and desires of adults in their fifth decade and beyond can vary greatly.  Dr.  Kennedy has met those needs for more than 25 years.

Proper dental care for seniors involves unique considerations. The integration of functional and cosmetic considerations is paramount. Medical conditions, major tooth loss or worn teeth and restorations can create complicated, yet manageable situations.  With the depth of understanding and experience Dr. Kennedy and his staff offer, complex, seemingly overwhelming dental problems can be solved.

It is important to seamlessly evaluate fixed, removable and implant tooth options, then apply their relative compatibility to each patient’s situation.  The process of implementing treatment plans can require thorough attention to the details of an individual’s dental and medical condition.  There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t have the best oral health possible.

Treatment of infection and decay without extensive restoration may be enough for many individuals. Sometimes people want or need very little work and preventative maintenance may be adequate. 

Dr. Kennedy and his team are experienced in meeting the special dental needs of seniors and they look forward to working together with you.